Window Shopping is Now Open & CMS has posted Notice to Consumers Being Matched to a Selected Alternative Enrollment

Window Shopping

Window shopping is now open on Window Shopping allows consumers to preview 2017 plans and prices before Open Enrollment begins on November 1st. Consumers can enter basic household information to view an estimate of the premium tax credit amount for which they’re eligible, search for doctors and prescription drugs, and view plans available in their area. Consumers will also see new features in Window Shopping, including the “Extra Savings” indicator for consumers eligible for a Silver cost-sharing plan, Simple Choice (standardized) plans, and quality rating information and network classification labels in pilot states.

Marketplace Cross-Issuer Notice

CMS has posted the a Cross-Issuer Notice that will be sent to enrollees in the Federally-facilitated Marketplace (FFM), including State-based Marketplaces using the Federal Platform (SBM-FPs), whose current issuer will no longer offer coverage in 2017 and will therefore be matched to a similar plan offered by a different issuer. The notice lets the consumer know that the Marketplace matched them to this plan as an option for January 2017 coverage, but that the consumer is not required to activate this coverage and can return to the Marketplace to update their application and select a new plan by December 15th. For each enrollee in the household, the notice lists the name of the current 2016 issuer and the name of the 2017 health plan they were matched to and the issuer that offers that plan. The notice alerts the consumer that they may begin receiving information from the new issuer with information about the new plan and a bill for January 2017 coverage.

CMS will begin sending these notices around November 16th. These consumers will also receive a Marketplace Open Enrollment Notice (MOEN) indicating that they may be matched to a different issuer if they do not take action. The Marketplace has already begun sending these notices and all current Marketplace consumers will receive a MOEN before the start of Open Enrollment on November 1st.

Issuers will receive batch auto reenrollment (BAR) files for selected alternative enrollments around November 21st. If a consumer returns to the Marketplace and actively selects a new plan for 2017 before then, they will not be automatically reenrolled. Enrollees have until December 15th to make an active plan selection for January 1st coverage.